Monday, May 2, 2011

Not Bad for a Monday

I love days like today.

I am going to bed feeling...accomplished.
Dominic was very cooperative with entertaining himself for a few hours
while I got done some much needed stuff for work.
He watched the train go by a few times,

and I did some cleaning and laundry.

We went for a nice walk on this beautiful day.

I planted some flowers,
started planning my garden,
and took a wonderful nap,

all before dinner.
Then came my favorite part of the day, my husband got home.
I love watching Payton and Dominic both running up to greet him.
They fight over who gets the first hello.
Then I get my kiss.
My whole family is under one roof again and all is right with the world,
no matter what craziness is going on outside.
Yes indeed, not bad for a monday.

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