Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thrift Thursday: An Unused Wedding Gift

This past Saturday my dear SIL, Robyn, and I went out for a day upon the thrifty town.
The spoils were great.
My favorite score of the day were these beautiful vintage mixing bowls.
They were a wedding gift to a former nun who got married in the 70's. For some reason, she never used them.
Perhaps the reds and oranges didn't match her kitchen decor,
maybe she was afraid of birds,
or maybe they were just too pretty to use.
But my kitchen is yellow, I like birds-although not usually in my house (except on the dinner plate)-and I think pretty kitchen things were meant to be used, so they will be used and often in my house!
I got this set of four Pyrex bowls for $10.
I read on that these bowls are from 1971,
and the pattern is called "Friendship".
So far they have helped me make berry banana bread and guacamole.
They mixed wonderfully and are a welcomed addition to my kitchen family!

Happy Thrift Thursday!

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  1. yay! It was a good thing you snapped them up, otherwise they would be in my kitchen right now. I know they were a deal, after having just seen the previous box set at an earlier booth going for $75. That lady didn't know what she was giving away :)