Monday, May 16, 2011

What A Day!

Dominic has started to teeth again with a vengeance!
He is working on his bottom two molars (poor kid).
So I tried my best to keep him busy, close, and happy today.
Rule 1 in keeping Doc happy,
plenty of outside time!
Okay we can oblige, and Payton surely was thrilled!

We also kept busy for quite awhile playing with his new marshmallow shooter
(a gift from G & G Wells.)
Payton, not so trilled about this one, he ran and hid in the other room.

Like I suspected, he's a natural!
A regular sharp shooter!
He thought it was so funny, 
so we spent an hour shooting each other with the tiny, soft marshmallows.
I would not however let him eat them,
as they had all sorts of numbered colors in them.

Later in the day, he was getting pretty grumpy
and I was trying to have dinner on the table for my hard working hubs.
It was impossible to get anything done.
Hrmm, I wonder if he still likes the Moby, it has been a while since we've used it
(since he is so active now!)

I will take that as a big fat YES!
He slept like a baby (imagine that!) for an hour or so...
until the pork loins started on fire.

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