Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Doc's Super Powers

I just had a terrible case of the hiccups.
The loud, whole body shaking type.
Dominic thought it was so funny!
In my best kid-whining voice I pleaded with the Husband,
"Tell Doc to stop laughing at me!" But alas he laughed all the harder.
And then all of a sudden, Dominic gave a loud hiccup...
and mine were gone.
I thought that was really funny and
Geoff declared we have discovered what Dominic's super power is.
He can take your hiccups away but in true superhero fashion,
he takes them upon himself.
He can't control it yet, but as his parents we have a tremendous obligation
to make sure he uses his powers for good.
*Insert lame Spiderman quote here*.
Batman help us.

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