Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Attack of the T-Rex From the Future

Last night my wonderful husband had an unfortunate accident with a knife.
While trying to cut a GIANT Reeses Egg that was in the freezer,
the knife went into his hand. Ouch! 
A night in the emergency room (only two hours) and four stitches later,
he is in one piece again.
But I just have to say, even though it was a silly mistake,
it is something I would have totally done myself.
However I would not have handled it with the grace he did.
The whole time he was joking, smiling, and asking my how I was doing.
That is my husband.
My rock.
My joy.
Even when he is the one that is bleeding.
But please, don't tell him you know how he really hurt himself.
The official story is he was attacked by a T-Rex, from the future.
It is true, I saw it when it decloaked.
I'll just say that we had T-Rex for dinner and it was tasty!

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