Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrift Thursday: Aprons Are Totally Sweet

Aprons make me drool.
One might think this is simply because they remind me of food.
Well that is true, I suppose, I do wear one while cooking,
but really it is because they are awesome.
I like cooking and baking already, but throw in an apron...
Let me count the ways.

1. Let's start with the most obvious, they keep my clothes clean whist I am in the kitchen!
I really do appreciate this as it means A. Less laundry and B. Less wardrobe changes. Although I do have to be honest, I would more than likely just look like a slob than change so lets change that to B. Less looking like a slob.

2. Feminine. I love things that make me feel and look truly feminine. I think it actually changes my attitude and makes me act more gentle and sweet. Perhaps I should consider wearing an apron all the time.

3. Let's face it, aprons are something from an era gone by. One of constant dress wearing and true homemaking. I'm up for a revival.

4. My husband likes them. I had no idea of this until this week when my husband said "I don't know why but that apron makes you look really good." I think it was just the bacon cooking. We really love bacon.

5. Accessorize! Don't forget the earrings, pearls, and of course the apron! There are so many different styles and patterns the possiblities are endless!
6. Wearing an apron makes me wanna twirl and dance and sing whist I cook. I usually sing anyway so this makes it a whole show and much more entertaining for Dominic! 

7. Decor. They look pretty hanging in my kitchen.

My number one item I search for on is "apron" or "vintage apron".
Granted these are new one made in a vintage style, and there are so many pretty ones I want!

Like this one.
Waist Apron - Half Apron for Hostes or Everyday in Vintage Roses of Pink on Soft Blue with Polka Dot Trim
And this one
Womens Sweetheart Hostess Apron / Feminine Ruffled Sweetheart in Pastel Pink Damask for Vintage Appeal
I was so happy when thrift shopping with my SIL to come across these two lovely aprons.
This one appears to be homemade.
I love the purple checkers and the
detailing at the bottom. $2
This is a beautiful shear blue
with lace detailing. $2

I only have three aprons right now, but you can bet I will be on the hunt for more unique and truely vintage aprons!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I've stopped using my apron for some reason. So now it just hangs forlornly in my kitchen. Maybe I should take it up again! (After a good laundering--who knows when that thing was last washed!)

  2. Hmm...I do not have an apron. But now you're making me want to get one! They really are quite lovely. :)

  3. I LOVE aprons. I have a Jesse Steele one I got for a wedding gift from my friends, and it is so awesome. You have to check out her line!

    Also, I found one once that made me laugh; it says, "My idea of housework is sweeping the room with a glance". I think its really ironic to wear it while I'm cleaning. :)

    Your blog is super-cute!