Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear Dominic: 14 M

Dear Dominic,

You are getting big so fast. You are 14 months old and I couldn't be a more blessed mommy. I am grateful for your health and hapiness every day.
You have been doing a lot of fun new things lately. Just today you shook your finger at mommy and said "eh eh" like mommy and daddy jokingly do to you. We were completely caught off guard by it and it certainly resulted in many laughs! You also have been talking up a storm (although you've always been a talker) and are making up all sorts of new words. It is fun to hear you talk like a big person in gibberish and you are a pro and asking questions. You also love to scream when you want something, but mommy is teaching you motions (like sign language except made up lol) like "up" *arms in the air* when you want up, so the screaming is getting less. We are also working on motions for when you are hungry and when you want to nurse. You got "all done" down like too so no more screaming at the end of a meal!

Boy are you active! Again nothing new, you have always been so. You are almost running; at least walking super fast like when we play "I'm gonna get you", or when you stuff a piece of dog food in your mouth and mommy is coming to take it out. You are constantly "go go go" until your head hits the pillow my breast each night. I often read in books about something called a "bedtime routine" including 30 mins of wind down activities, but no matter how much mommy would like you to sit still for a book, or a nice massage, my little squirmy worm has just too much to do! But we will keep trying and some night you may just suprise us.

You love being outside more than anything! There is so much space to roam free. Thankfully there is a park right across the street for you and Payton to play! You love outside so much that when we are inside you stand on your little chair and look out the picture window. Grandpa W. sees you all the time when he drives by. Everytime daddy goes to bring Payton out you will drop whatever you are doing to run to the door to try to convince daddy to bring you out too.

Whenever you hear the train whistle blow, without fail, you run to your chair and whisper "caw caw" for "choo choo" and watch the train go by. Payton usually watches next to you.

You still don't get much use out of your toys. You much prefer games like, xbox controller, what fits in mommy's guitar?, play in Payton's water bowl, and hide and seek (although Payton always find us to fast because you think it is too funny when he is looking for us). You also love to climb on anything you can find.

You still love to nurse and do so a few times a day (and night) and always when falling asleep (unless mommy is at youth group and you are home with daddy). You have also been eating so much food lately! Growth spurt? You aren't very picky and will even eat bananas now (something you used to dislike). Like daddy, you love soups and like mommy, you have quite the sweet tooth. Mommy loves you so much that I shared some of my Reeses Eggs with you! You are quite proficient at using a spoon and fork, and I don't mind that sometime it gets all over your face.

Dominic, you are so outgoing! When momma takes you to work you have to talk to everyone, at least all the ladies. And you are such a big help! I especially enjoy when we go over to the Church to see Jesus and pray together. You always have lots to say to Jesus.

People say you are a momma's boy, but they say that because they don't see you with daddy as much as I do. You really love daddy! Something we share. You love it when daddy throws or flys you around, and especially when daddy lets you play Xbox with him.

Dominic, momma loves you so much and I can't wait to see what the next month brings.

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  1. I love it! He sounds like so much fun--I am sure he and Gus will get on a treat, although even more so when Gus can actually move around to try and keep up with Dominic :)