Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thrift Thursday: Art Edition

Tonight I had a youth group meeting with the jr. high kids.
For a craft we made shrine pictures,
something I've been wanting to do for a long time.
Years ago on Ebay I bought a huge pack of old Italian prayercards for cheap.
They are beautiful.
I always had this idea to decorate and hang them in some way,
but never could quite put the pen to paper so to speak.
Last week I bought some neat frames at a garage sale
and this set everything in motion.
I've only done one so far and can't wait to make more!

I started with St. Cecilia, one of my patrons.
For the background I reused old cards that I've received for my birthday and baby shower.
The music is from an old Missalette.

So from there I got the idea to do the same type of thing,
but with a family photograph I printed out but never did anything with.

It's super cheesy and I love it!
Again I used baby shower cards and even part of a baby shower decoration that my SIL Chris made.
Again I am excited to make more of these.

I'm sad that garage sale season is almost over,
but we have a lot of awesome thrift shops in the area
and I don't think my sil and partner in thrifty crime, Robyn is worn out yet.
Happy Thriftin'!

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  1. I love your crafts! They are really beautiful. St. Cecilia is one of my patrons, too -- I chose her name for my Confirmation!
    I looooooooove thrifting. Garage sale finds are the best!