Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maybe It Will Disappear

I bought some new detergent for my dishwasher.
Today I loaded it and happily filled it with this new, non-chemical liquid.
While it was running Doc and I were sitting on the floor
picking the fresh basil and oregano leaves from the stems for dinner.
Suddenly I noticed that there was soap all over the floor pouring out of the dishwasher!!
I immediately stopped dishwasher called my super handy and awesome grandpa (who installed it for me)
and ask if he could come over and help, something must have broken.
He said he would be over first thing in the morning (thanks Grandpa!)
I cleaned it up- actually it was nice because the floor got really mopped for like the first time ever.
Then I started thinking...I heard once that it gets suds CRAZY when you put regular dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher.
I got out my fancy new detergant and sure enough, it wasn't dishwasher detergent at all but regular old dishsoap.
I had to then call my grandpa back and say,
um yeah so this turns out to be more of an operator error situation.
My dishwasher is still filled with suds,
I'm hoping maybe they will disappear overnight and I won't have to clean it up.
Srsly, I know the tooth fairy comes and gives kids money for teeth, and gnomes come and make shoes, but where is my suds fairy?
Will report back to let you all know if one exists.

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  1. Oh, how funny! At least you got the floor cleaned :)