Monday, September 26, 2011


Today it rained all. day. long. I actually kinda like cold rainy days. Dominic and I curled up all warm and attempted to watch a movie. I found Land Before Time V on Netflix (lolz), and since Doc LOOOOVES Dinosaurs I thought it might be a hit. Why I chose #5, I don't know. He liked it, for about 15 minutes or so and then he continued the song he'd been singing all morning long: "Go Wa, Wa". The poor kid wanted to go outside SO badly. I felt bad. I tried to teach him about the rain which was fun, but he didn't understand why he couldn't spend his usual hour or two outside. So here is what our day looked like being stuck inside.

Things Dominic used as a phone: a ball, a dish brush, garlic press, flashlight, MP3 player, and his hand. And I'm sure there where more things that I didn't catch.
He asked to go outside by saying "go wa wa", almost constantly.
Times Doc went bathroom in the potty: 5. Yay Doc!!
He got the hiccups from laughing so hard 4 times.
We played airplane, Doc flew in the air on my feet.
And then he threw up all over my face. and hair.
This has never happened before, I guess I just got a little to rough?
But I kid you not, Doc took one look at me after I was covered in his puke and CRACKED UP.
And he continued laughing as he watched me try and clean myself off.
What a stinker.
We took a glorious 2.5 hr nap.
Dominic helped me wash the dishes.
He ended up doing naked dishes because he just kept spilling water on himself.
We each had 3 wardrobe changes.
Dominic went down his impromtu indoor slide (which is a leaf to our dining room table) to satisfy his thirst for WEEEE.
We ate lots of yummy food-avacado, cheese, bananas, celery & peanut butter, Oberwiese chocolate milk (which is like a mik shake yum yum), and homemade chicken noodle soup.
We did 2 loads of laundry.
Said lots of prayers.
All in all, not bad for a cold rainy day.

Life is good with a little stinker to play with.
I hope you had a wonderful day too.

Playing Rockband with Uncle Corey (yesterday).


  1. Goodness, who knew a day stuck inside could be so messy--3 outfit changes each?! Sounds like you had an awesome day!

    Also, are you potty training? Do you have any books/resources/tips to share? I read recently that 12-18 months is the "traditional" age for potty training, so now I want to read more up on that and see if it will work for us.

  2. This was an awesome capture of what a day in the life is like for you and Dominic at this time. I think you should print it out and put it in a scrap book :)