Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: My Little Man Edition

I can't believe how quickly my sweet baby boy has grown! Lately a lot of people have been commenting about how big he is getting, saying that he is a little boy and no longer a baby. It's true.
A rare serious, still moment! Photo by Ashley Bell.

What a true joy he's been too! Aside from the screaming and occasional food throwing, everything thing he's been doing just delights me. I could just play with him and watch him explore all. day. long.

Playing daddy's Rockband drums.

Probably my favorite thing right now is his recent love for prayer. We've been doing bedtime prayers for a while now with him, but now he lives for it! I'll say "Dominic, time for bed and prayers." He will immediately fold his hands, run into the bedroom, and stand at the foot of the bed (where my husband and I kneel) and wait patiently, hands still folded. When we actually start our prayers, he will usually resume the position for a little while, and then decide that now is a great time to shower mommy and daddy with hugs and kisses. I guess we look extra lovable when we are praying. 

Yesterday Dominic and I spent most of the day at work/Church. Before we left I asked Doc if he wanted to "say hi to Jesus", who is waiting longingly in the prison of love aka tabernacle. "Yep" my little guy replied as he ran down the hall to the Sanctuary. Upon entry, He dipped his little hand in the holy water and began a "Sign of the Cross", which consisted of touching his forehead briefly. Then, following me, he knelt down and folded his hands while I genuflected. We processed to the kneelers on which he stood, hands folded, whist I prayed. When we were done I said "bye bye Jesus" and blew a kiss at the tabernacle, to which my great imitator did the same. OH HE JUST MELTS MY HEART!!

When I was praying, I asked dear sweet Jesus to give Dominic such a desire in his heart for Heaven. I pray that he longs for Jesus in the Eucharist with such fervor every day of his life.

Watching Dominic grow is such an incredible blessing. Truly, I thank God every day that he entrusted this precious soul to Geoffrey and I. I pray we can raise him to be the Saint that God is calling him to be. Heaven knows we need help.

St. Dominic Savio, pray for my little man!

Happy Friday all and thanks Jen for hosting!

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