Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Battle Plan

Today was a good day. Since Sparky (the evil one) has been attacking, I knew it was time to start fighting back with avengance. I always pray the St. Michael prayer multiple times a day, call on my guardian angel's intersession, and pray daily rosary (all great weapons in spiritual warfare) but today I pulled out the big guns. My MIL watched Doc so I could go to confession and daily Mass. These two things I know need to be done with much more frequency. I mentioned in my last post that I have had quite some attacks in years past (stories for another time perhaps), but during my pregnancies and new mommyhood, God gave me a break while I adjusted. I'm so grateful for that!! Now I suppose I'm adjusted and I am seeing the attacks again. I just need to fight hard and do my part and give it back to Him anyway.

Before Dominic was born I went to at least monthly confession, sometimes weekly, and daily Mass. I think I received the Eucharist almost every single day Doc was in my womb. I do miss daily Mass a lot, and I think it is time to start going on the days Dominic and I are home. The local Newman Center has Mass at noon which is awesome for us late sleepers. It used to always be during Dominic's nap time, but now he only naps once around two pm so I should be able to swing it. The only semi problem is this college Church (which actually is also a Parish) is so child unfriendly. There is no crying room. There is a Narthax but there aren't speakers so I don't really feel like I am attending Mass. Like I said before Dominic is quite the talker (and the occassional screamer), and I don't want to ruin Mass for anyone else. I suppose I'll give it a try and maybe he will suprise me with his good behavior!

As far as confession goes, there is no excuse to not be going at least monthly right now; I owe it to my husband and son! Every two or three months just won't do. Fr. Gabrielle Armorth, the head Exorcist for the Vatican says that one confession is more powerful that a hundred exorcisms. WOW! What better defense in spiritual warfare?

Adoration is the other BIG thing I need to start going to with much more frequency. I love spending time with dear sweet Jesus, who sits and waits in the Little White Host for love of us. Again at least weekly and I think this too is possible. The best thing about this, is it is something we can do as a family. I will never forget a couple days before Dominic was born, Geoffrey and I went to adoration together and prayed hard for our little one and for a safe and healthy birth. What an answer to prayers we had! Then the week after we had him my wonderful husband went to adoration to say thank you for this incredible gift. Dominic was only a few weeks old when we went as a family, the three of us on earth. It was...overwhelming. I guess what I am trying to say is, I LOVE adoration and need to go more often.

There are many other things on my battle plan, like fasting (again something I don't do nearly as often as I should), acts of penance, daily examinations of conscience, and more spiritual reading.

I'm feeling refreshed today after Mass and confession, I just need to stick to the battle plan.

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  1. I'm so happy today was a good day! This is a beautiful description of some of the finest tools for fighting spiritual battles. You inspired me to drop by Adoration myself for a few minutes today -- simply awesome.