Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrift Thursday (Take 1)

It all began when I was young.  I grew up on a farm with my parents, 5 siblings, and grandparents (who live in a separate house. ) My mom and grandmother are very frugal people who save and reuse as much as possible. For both of them it was how they were raised-don't be wasteful and if something is in good condition, save it just in case. As such they saved much of their old clothing from when they were younger, which is awesome for me! It started with playing dress up, but by the time I got to high school I thought some of my mom's 70's clothes were pretty cool. I wore her bell bottoms and tshirts to school. She had the coolest leather jacket which I wore to threads. Then I got into the 50's and 60's (early) fashion of my Grandma which is where my heart lies. All of her clothes are so beautiful, she truly has great taste! I wear dresses, skirts, shoes, and sweaters that were hers quite frequently. I still mourn that perfect pair of red high heals that I can't find anymore. I keep telling myself they have to be somewhere!

It went from there when my great Aunt Kathy gave me some old Catholic items that she didn't want anymore. I began to see the value of reusing beautiful holy items that someone else didn't want anymore.

The reasons I love secondhand items, let me count the ways!

1. I could be crazy but I have the opinion that older stuff was made with better quality. Especially when it comes to furniture. It certainly is better than cheap stuff from China and I know it will stand the test of time because it already has.

2. The style. I would say right now my house is pretty eclectic, but where I want to be is Country. I also gravitate towards Victorian type things. Thus I create Victorian-Country! It is a work in progress. My favorite thing though is vintage lace. I love it! Also when it comes to my faith, I prefer old Catholic! I am a sucker for old prayer books, paintings, and statues and I seem to prefer it even over new. I believe that the decor in my home should scream who I am, and first and foremost I am Catholic. Can you tell I'm a Latin Mass goer?

3. The price. When you buy or are giving things secondhand, you save a lot of money. Obviously if you go to some antique shop you can blow a ton of money but that isn't how I roll. I stick to estate sale and local thrift stores.

4. The story. Every old item has a story. Sometimes you know what the story is, like if it is a family heirloom; but other times (like when at a thrift store) the story is all to your imagination. It is a connection to someone who lived years ago and cherished something, so that it was at one point part of their life. For more info I sight the Pottery Barn episode of Friends.

Today I love going to garage sales, thrift stores, etc. On "Thrift Thursdays" I hope to share with you some of my favorite secondhand items I have acquired over the years and what a steal I got them for! Starting with my newest treasure:

36" solid cement statue of the Blessed Virgin. She sat in the barn, waiting for me to come along and bring her home. She sits now in front of our house, guarding and protection our family. $87.00.
She was meant for me.

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