Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Better Me: Day 3

“How much greater without comparison is that which is found is us, when we do not strive to know what we are, but fix all our thoughts on these bodies of ours! And thus only generally and superficially do we know that we have souls because we have heard so, and because our faith tells us; but seldom do we consider what great things are contained in this soul or who lives within it, or how immense is its value: hence it is that we take such little care to preserve its beauty; all our attention in fixed on the roughness of the case,! or the walls of this castle which are our bodies.”

I just began reading St. Teresa of Avila's "The Interior Castle".
The above quote is something which struck me at the very beginning
and what I thought about for the day.

How much time everyday do we spend to make ourselves "look" pretty or handsome?
How much money do we spend on our self beautification?
Make-up? Clothes? Hair care?
Yet how long do we leave our souls in the dumpster?
Do we give even an ounce of that time and money to the perfection of our inmost being?

Making our bodies look nice and ignoring the interior is much like painting the walls of a house, and hanging pictures, yet leaving the sewage and garbage all over the floor.

Lord, help me to know that I have a soul, and that it belongs to You.
Teach me how to make it beautiful, that others might see You in me.
Purify me O God and make my soul the aim of Your Divine Love. Amen.

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