Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Better Me: Day 1

Matthew 5:6

Two days ago when I was thinking of verses to meditate on this Holy Week,
This one immediately came into my head.
I knew it was God, telling me this is what I need right now;
telling me what He needs of me.

Blessed are the meek. 
Being meek means understanding that I am nothing.
God is the source of every good thing in me, 
and I am everything else.
Only if I know how little I am, can I serve. 
Only if I am quiet can I hear His still small voice.
If I am full of myself than there is no room for God.
Humility, patience, gentleness are gifts of the meek.
I am so far...

Shall inherit the land.
How loving God is that he extends the invitation to me.
He calls me daughter and wishes to share with me all He has and is.
The choice is mine.

Do I quietly and lovingly attend to my daily duties?
Am I kind and gentle to those around me,
especially those I struggle to be so with?
Do I have to always "defend myself"
or can I let grievances go?
Do I admit to wrong doing and ask for forgiveness?
Do I kneel before the Jesus in adoration regularly
and let Him fill me with His love?

Oh Jesus, so meek and humble of heart...
hear me.
For no one is meeker that you,
the God of all, so mighty and strong.
You came to us as a little babe.
And now, sit in our Churches under the simple veil of bread and wine.
Waiting to be loved, adored, and cherished.
Make my heart like unto thine.

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