Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Better Me: Day 5

"How then do they deserve to enter into My glory who have little faith, vain hope, and no charity? If, indeed, they had the faith of eternal joy and horrible punishment, they would desire naught but Me. Did they believe that I know and see all things, and am powerful over all things, and seek judgement of all, the earth would grow vile to them, and they would be more afraid of sin before Me for fear of Me, than before men. Had they firm hope, then their whole mind and thought would be to Me. Had they divine charity, they would at least think in mind what I did for them, how great was My labor in preaching, My pain in My Passion, My charity in death, because I preferred death to abandoning them. But their faith is weak, tottering, as it were, to fall; because they believe, when the assult of temptation is absent-they distrust, when anything contrary comes upon them...Their love towards Me is all cold, because they are never inflamed to seek Me unless compelled by tribulation."
-Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden

St. Bridget of Sweden was a visionary whom Jesus and Mary appeared to. She also was shown and details such events as the Nativity, and is most known for her "15 prayers" which meditate on the many wounds of Christ. The above passage is a quote from Jesus,when speaking of His Agony in the Garden.

Today, Holy Thursday, we celebrate the institution of the Priesthood, the Eucharist, and Christ's agony in the Garden of Gethsemane. Meditating today on all those things, but mostly on His Agony, the above passage really struck me.

How often am I exactly the person Jesus describes?
How often does my heart desire everything but Jesus?
How often do I aim to please those in the world, over dear Jesus?

In your Agony my Saviour,
I could not stay awake with You.
I tried to wait just one hour,
but I could not stay awake with You.
Sweat of blood dripped from thy Sacred Head,
Sorrow peirced thy Heart.
Yet I into slumber crept.
In Your Agony my Savior,
I could not stay awake with You.

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