Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Working Mom?

My whole life, the only "job" I ever wanted to do, was to be a stay at home mom. And to be honest, I still dream about it for when we have more children...but for now, I have to work and that is okay.

When I was pregnant with Dominic I felt called to take a class called "Catechetical Leadership" through our Diocese. Although I didn't really know why at the time. I worked full time at a Catholic Pilgrimage co. and Catholic Store for the past five years and I loved it, but after our baby was born this job was no longer going to work out. In the Catechetical Leadership class I learned about youth ministry and religious ed and got a lot out of it. A fellow classmate told me often that her Parish (where my class was offered) was in need of a part time Youth Director and she thought I would be good for the job. Even though I have been involved and helped out with youth programs for years, I had never run the show before and wasn't sure it was something I could do. But I felt God pulling me towards it, so after much prayer and discussion by my husband and I, I applied for the job. I went in for an interview at 8 months pregnant and gave what was probably the worst interview ever. I told Father that I didn't know if I even wanted the job or if I would be good at it, and that I didn't believe in daycare so that I would be bringing my child with me while my husband was at work. I felt I owed it to him to be completely honest. He was so nice and after we spent a considerable time talking about Liturgy, said "you keep praying about this job, I will keep praying, and together hopefully we will discern God's will." Dominic was only a week old when Father called and offered me the job. I was shocked, but grateful. I spent the next few weeks getting to know my newborn, trying to get him to eat, and loving every. single. second. of motherhood. When Dominic was just 7 weeks old, I went to the Church office for the first time, with no idea what I was doing.

Fourteen months into my job as Youth Director, I still feel lost at times. It has been hard to get things going, but I know I am where God wants me right now. Fr. keeps saying to me "don't get discouraged". It is actually pretty easy to stay positive because the few kids that are coming to things, are wonderful and so much fun. They make my "job", not even feel like a job. To be honest it feels weird even calling it my "job" because in addition to being so much fun, spiritually I have been getting so much out of it.

It is hard sometimes to balance being a mom and wife, which is my primary vocation, with my "job" as a Youth Director. My house isn't always clean and dinner isn't always on the table when my husband gets home. A good portion of my events are at nights and on weekends so Dominic and daddy have nice alone time. This was much harder when Doc was nursing all. the. time. but now that he is 16m (and is still nursing, but is okay without for quite a while) it has been a little easier. Lately he has been spending some time with Grandma Wells, but the rest of the time he just comes with me. I wouldn't lie though, I don't like leaving him. Ever. Even though I know he is in great hands and that I am doing what God is asking of me. What can I say, I like him. I don't want to miss a second. He is growing so fast and is so much fun!

So I guess technically, I am a working mom because I do work part time. I just hope I am giving my best to all these people who mean so much to me (my family and my Parish). I pray that I am always open to God's plan for me, whether it be continuing as Youth Director for many, many years, or joining the stay-at-home ranks. St Gianna Molla, pray for us!

An example of the cute things I don't want to miss. :)


  1. You're not alone - I, too, would love to be a full-time at-home mom, but it's not in the cards for us at the moment. I'm grateful to have a job, at least at the moment, where I'm able to keep my daughter with me and work at odd hours of the day and night in order to get the time in (like you, I'm only part-time). It is a struggle, and I constantly feel like I'm juggling priorities, but it works out somehow :) Though in some ways I think it's harder doing what we're doing - being, in essence, full-time at-home moms *plus* outside the home employment, than to be either full-time working or full-time at home! I often joke that I actually work something like 60 hours a week, because if I was paid to take care of my daughter that's what my "hours" would add up to.

    So yes - St. Gianna, pray for us!

  2. Abby- ha! I suppose we are paid in graces for taking care of our little ones. :) Thanks for sharing because it is nice to hear I am not the only one.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this, Dacia! It seems we can never predict exactly what God's plan is for us. I can imagine that it is sometimes very difficult to manage both your primary vocation and your part-time job -- especially with nursing! But you have responded to God's call to mother these youths spiritually, and it sounds like it's been a grace-filled situation for all involved! I think it's great that you are able to still be with Dominic most of the time. I'm sure that he and his daddy benefit a lot from their one-on-one time together, too. It sounds like you are most certainly giving your best to your family and to your parish. :)