Saturday, July 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Revival

I am laying in bed next to my little guy who is having a restless night. The few times I've tried to get up to go shoot some zombies with my husband (don't worry, there isn't an outbreak just playing some left4dead2), Dominic senses that I am thinking about getting up and lays on my head, wraps his leg around my torso, and puts his hand on my mouth. Thus I am still laying here.

So I thought to myself, why not quick take? It only been a bajillion months since I have and I love Jen's, and everyone else's. So here it is, the I can't get out of bed with a kid wrapped around me revival edition.

Today was good day. Doc and I spent the morning and early afternoon at work. He loves nothing more than to bug my co-workers and try to ninja their cell phones when they aren't looking (sorry Irene). But I was able to get everything done I needed to so I declare win! My co-workers, well I hope they can say the same.

It was beautiful and sunny today. I was down at our garden (which is at my in-laws a few blocks away) when the tornado sirens started going off. I repeat, it was beautiful and sunny so I wasn't too worried. I quickly grabbed some stuff I needed for dinner from the garden and was on my way home in the car. My husband then called and said to quick look outside and see funnel. Wah!?! I look west down a side street as I was driving a sure enough, there it was. All the neighbors were standing outside taking pics so I went up to a neighbor with Doc in my arms and said, is it touching down? It wasn't , but then I thought I saw it start to really rotate and I said to myself that I wasn't going to be one of those ppl who doesn't take it seriously so we went into the basement. A few mins later my husband called again and said it was gone. Fffew. It was so weird because the radar was clear. Ah well, I again declare win because I got to see a funnel without any harm coming to anyone. The high schooler in me that wanted to be a storm chaser was jumping for joy.

Today was also my dear MILs birthday. I invited my husbands fam over for dinner and being that it is also the very important holiday of National Lasagna Day, I made lasagna. One with Italian sausage and the other meat-free with spinach (since I abstain from eat meat on Fridays). Both were loaded with tons of fresh parsley and basil from our garden. YUM! My MIL said it was better than the lasagna she got at some fancy restaurant so I'm sorry but I think I need to declare WIN again.

Just because I WIN doesn't mean you lose.

I think I might try and sneak out of bed to kill some zombies now. Have a great weekend! Made it just in time to still be Friday!


  1. I loved your #6 "Just because I WIN doesn't mean you lose."

    I cannot count the number of times I have said something positive and happy and someone else took it with a nasty interpretation and fussed at me.

    Like skirts--my loving skirts doesn't mean I hate your jeans-- it is illogical to make such a leap but it happens all the time.

  2. You shoot zombies with your husband, too? AND you like tornadoes? (I've always wanted to see a funnel cloud!) We could totally be friends IRL! :-)

  3. That is so funny that you and your husband play L4D2!! I'm not a gamer myself, but my husband is an avid one, and he has spent many hours "killing zombies."
    I'm happy your day was filled with WIN. :)

  4. Ann Seeton-Thanks for the comments and the skirt support.

    Maggie-You know it! I find zombie killing to be quite romantic. I often wish I lived closer to some of my awesome blog friends.

    Steph- You make me smile. :)

    Louise-Thanks, it was a great day. My husband is a big gamer too and someday I will write a blog about myself being a recovering gameaholic

  5. It has been a pleasure having Dominic at work...he is a wonderful distraction. And if the only reason he wants to sit on my lap is to get to my cell phone - well be it! I'll take it in order to steal a hug from that little cutie pie!