Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Laundry Fail

Warning, details may be slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect.

I did two loads of laundry tonight.
A rare occasion; we usually just febreeze our clothes.
After about 3 months I decided it was time to wash.
I pulled the first load (whites) out of the dryer only to find somehow a black marker, which I have never seen before, had been in there and got black dots all over every. single. piece. of clothing. Great.
Then I went down to the dryer to check the black clothes and what do I find? My husband's mp3 player. The one time I forget to check the pockets!
Needless to say, I have learned my lesson. We better start buying febreeze in bulk and magic eraser pens cause I am never. doing.  laundry again.
Other than that, we had an amazing day. :)


  1. 3 cheers for FEBREZE! Hahaha!
    You told this story in hilarious fashion...but I'm sure it was quite frustrating at the time, so way to put a positive spin on it. ;) I also laundered my husband's mp3 player recently. It almost works right (I think there's a bit of a staticky sound now) and we had to get new earbuds for it, but he has resisted actually buying a new one.

  2. Just let the electronics dry thoroughly before turning them on, and there shouldn't be any problems. Turning it on while still wet can cause major problems, so resist the temptation, and wait a couple days.

  3. Try oxyclean on the spotted clothes - I've sent pens through the wash (ballpoint anyway) and a good soak in oxyclean often takes it right out in a couple of hours. I once sent pretty much every good piece of clothing I had through the wash only to find a pen in the dryer with them, so I know how you feel! or chapstick - I've done that one a bunch, too, and nothing takes that out but time :P