Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Real Feminist Revolution

It's NFP (Natural Family Planning) Awareness Week
so how I could I resist talking about it just a little.
I've talked before about why we don't use birth control.
You know, the carcinogens.
NFP has liberated many women from the chains of the pill,
but there are many like me, who through no grace of my own,
thankfully never started.
I am so grateful to be Catholic and have a Church who in Her wisdom spoke about this topic way before it was ever a widespread issue.
Because the Church says so, is really why I used NFP to start.
It was the only reason I needed.
The cost and the safety, though no small thing, were just happy side effects.
One thing I really didn't anticipate though, was how aware of my body I became.
For a culture that is all about the women's body, we are so clueless.
When I started learning how to use NFP I couldn't believe that I hadn't heard all this stuff before.
I mean, I attended public high school where we spent a whole semester in health class.
Sex ed at it's best right?
Why hadn't I learned about the fertility cycle and its signs?
Seems pretty basic.
We certainly learned about artificial contraception.
My only conclusion is the teachers and/or the people who make the curriculum either simply don't know, or don't care and are trying to push their agenda.
But I fear the problem is worse than this.
People in the medical field don't even know this stuff.
I will never forget when I realized I was pregnant (the second time).
I called the  women's clinic I was going to, to schedule an appointment.
 The conversation with the nurse went something like this:
"Hi I would like to make an appointment. I am pregnant!"
Nurse: "Okay when did you take your pregnancy test?"
Me: "I haven't taken one."
Nurse: "Well then how do you know you are pregnant?"
Me: "Well we practice NFP and after my fertile time my temperature stayed elevated for two weeks which of course means I am pregnant and also I am never late, actually my cycles are always 28 days and..."
Nurse: "Um, perhaps you should go get a pregnancy test."
Me: "No thanks, I know my body and I know I'm pregnant."
Nurse: "Okay I guess we can just do a pregnancy test when you come in."
Have we really come so far in medicine and technology that the most basic human functions and instincts don't matter any more? It's the same with childbirth (stay on topic Dacia, that's a rant for another day).
The truth of the matter is, the women's body is AWESOME.
The way everything works, the fertility cycle, hormones, labor and childbirth, breastfeeding, etc simply make me marvel
at the magnificence of the Divine Creator.
So my question is, why don't know people know about NFP?
If our society's teachers and doctors don't know (or care)
how are people going to learn?
For me, it was a Church crying out in the wilderness.
For others, it is an effort to "go green"
and remove harmful chemicals from their lives.
But one thing I do know, is that those of us who NFP need to speak about it.
Yes it is personal, but it is literally a matter of life and death here.
If you haven't heard of NFP before, look it up.
It may seem daunting, but it really is quite easy if you are dedicated.
Trust me, there is even an app for it.


  1. AMEN! Such a well-written post. I love it!

  2. This is a great post, Dacia! I love how you ended it, too. ;) It drives me crazy that so few people know about NFP, especially those in the medical profession.

  3. I used NFP years ago in the hopes it would help me get pregnant again. I enjoyed learning to chart my cycle and it increased my appreciation for being female.

    It is very sad that few doctors know anything about NFP, but in their defense, the medical schools get money from the drug companies and it is there, at the medical schools, that the doctors are all trained to be drug oriented in their treatments.

    I enjoyed your post on NFP and shared it on facebook so my friends could come read it. Nicely done.