Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Sanctuary

Last night was our first night in our new home!  After two months of painting, flooring, cleaning, etc it was well worth the wait...oh to sleep in my own bed again. We still have some stuff to finish, but now that the house is blessed it finally feels like home.  This is the place where Dominic will grow, this is the place where we will God-willing give him many siblings.  This is the place where we will curl up together to pray the Rosary as a family, watch movies together, and listen to daddy tell stories.
Christ the King
On Saturday Fr. L. went from room to room praying the Memorare, sprinkling holy water with exorcized salt in every inch of our home. About half way through, my husband got an overwhelming smell of roses. Our Blessed Mother was here to help consecrate our home and make it a sacred space! It is perfect actually that last night was our first night here, as it was the Feast of Christ the King, Christ who is the King of our household. May he ever reign in our home and in our hearts. Amen!

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