Monday, November 8, 2010

It's just so fun!

Having a little one sure makes every day an adventure.  I have to say, I love it! Can you imagine if adults where like babies, doing something new and exciting every day that we couldn't do the day before?  I guess we experience new things often, they just aren't as exciting.  Although I do remember things like the first time I road the train-which was when I was in college, and how excited I was, but it is nothing like this. Tomorrow Dominic will be 8 months old, and almost every day for those 8 months he has done something new or experienced something for the very first time.  For instance, he had never eaten carrots before tonight. Two weeks ago, he couldn't crawl and then all of a sudden he could! Last week he had 4 teeth and now he has 7, soon to be 8!  Probably these things aren't so amazing to someone who isn't his parent but as my husband said this evening while Dominic was munching on a cooked carrot "It's just so fun!"

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  1. It is so fun! We do something awesome and whoat do Dave and I look at? Not the amazing event, but into the face of our children!!!