Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WYD Moment #1

Through most of our fundraising and prep we were expecting to see Pope John Paul II at World Youth Day, and we were so very excited. As you know, in April 2005 Pope John Paul II rose into eternal life and we were left a bunch of sad pilgrims. We were going to WYD for many reasons, one main one being to see him. However when Pope Benedict XVI was elected Pope, we knew seeing him, He is the successor of Peter and the vicar of Christ after all, would be just as amazing. We were right. 
On Day two of WYD in 2005 we woke up super early to get front row grass along the Rhine River for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict's arrival. We spent at least 6 hrs meeting other young Catholics, playing hacki sack, watching priests from all over the world play soccer in their cassocks, and praying. Finally the moment arrived.
Can you see him??
How about now??

And there he goes.

 I know it may not seem like much, especially looking at the pictures, but it was simply...breathtaking. I was suprised how truly overwhelmed I was, and it is a feeling I will never ever forget. I got to see the Pope! He gave us many blessings on his ride up the river. Tears whelled in my eyes and streamed down my face. This is the man God chose to lead his Church during a very trying time and he has took time out of his very busy schedule to spend with us young people. What a blessing.

Pope Benedict arrives in Madrid in 7.5 hrs. I'm so excited for the youth that are waiting right now to see him.

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