Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: WYD Edition

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As I've been blabbing about all week, World Youth Day is going on in Madrid right now. On the official WYD homepage you can watch the Pope Benedict XVI driving around in the Pope-Mobile greeting the millions of young people who flocked to see him. It is awesome! I sure it is very humbling for this old German Shepard. We love him so much!

If you keep watching the video on the WYD homepage, you can pray the Stations of the Cross with Pope Benedict. It is absolutely beautiful. Even though it isn't all in English, you certianly understand it all. The depictions of Christ are breathtaking and the music, moving. It is long, but worth the time.

Our Pope led the youth in prayer at the stations saying: "When faith’s gaze is pure and authentic, beauty places itself at its service and is able to depict the mysteries of our salvation in such a way as to move us profoundly and transform our hearts, as Saint Teresa of Jesus herself experienced while contemplating an image of the wounded Christ. Let us look upon Christ, hanging on the harsh wood of the Cross, and let us ask him to teach us this mysterious wisdom of the Cross, by which man lives. The Cross was not a sign of failure, but an expression of self-giving in love that extends even to the supreme sacrifice of one’s life. The Father wanted to show his love for us through the embrace of his crucified Son: crucified out of love. The Cross, by its shape and its meaning, represents this love of both the Father and the Son for men. Here we recognize the icon of supreme love, which teaches us to love what God loves and in the way that he loves: this is the Good News that gives hope to the world."

There was 1.5 MILLION people gathered for the Stations of the Cross with the Pope.

In a short reflection after the stations Pope Benedict XVI told the young people gathered for the celebration, “you are open to the idea of sharing your lives with others, so be sure not to pass by on the other side in the face of human suffering, for it is here that God expects you to give the best of yourself: your capacity for love and compassion.” -From the WYD website.

As I write this the husband and I are watching one of the best eps of Star Trek: Next Gen ever. "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!" Yes you can nerd alert me.

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