Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Unsent Letter

I've always wanted to send out a Christmas letter, and this year we came close. Next year the goal is to get it in the mailbox out to all our wonderful friends and family! But seeing as it is Christmas until Epiphany Thursday I thought I would share it via teh interwebs. This was written by my wonderfully talented and loving husband. He has such a beautiful way with words and this is no exception. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy! (I will post my part tomorrow).

    For many people, Christmas simply boils down to a time of stress—a time for too much to do, in too little time, a time to worry about what to get for whom and who we’re leaving out, a time for cold, a time for shoveling, for high-heating bills and higher costs at the pump. But, when I look back over this year and remember just how blessed I’ve been with graces, generosity and good will, it’s tough for me not to disregard all those other things and discover my Christmas spirit.
    This was my sons’ first Christmas, and though I know he won’t remember it, I think we made some good Wells Family memories. Dominic turned 9 months old on December 9th, and he is a crawling, giggling and screaming machine. He’s such an absolute joy to have, and I’m so excited to make Christmas the same magical time that it was for me as a child. He is healthy, happy and never ceases to have a smile for me, and those blessings alone made this the best Christmas of my life. It’s an incredibly powerful experience to witness him grow, from his first teeth to standing on his own. He’s not quite yet old enough to learn about dinosaurs and light-sabers, but rest assured, I’m on it.
    On May 1st, we moved out of our house of three years in Sycamore. It was a scary time, but we were graciously welcomed into the home of Dacia’s parents. Living in the country for half a year was a wonderful experience, and though I struggled to remember how to share the remote and keep the volume down, I can honestly say it was nice to be in a full house again. I will always hold dear how close I became with my brother and sister-in-law, and how more often than not, it felt like a long sleep-over than a hurried hotel stay. I can’t thank my mother-in-law, Terri, enough for all the warm meals and hot showers she provided, but more than that, I was overwhelmed with her patience—with us in finding a new home, but especially, for my dog, Payton. Her patience with the dog hairs that will certainly be popping up on pillows and in glasses for months to come prove that she’s well on her way to sainthood. More than that, I’ll never forget how thankful I was to have my son’s initial months be spent in such a beautiful, welcoming place, filled with love and happiness. What could have been the beginning of a nightmare ala Montell turned out to be a dream come true.
    In early May, Dacia became Youth Minister at a Parish in Rochelle, and finally we felt confident enough to continue our house hunt. On the morning of September 10th, we signed the papers and officially became homeowners! The house in itself was a blessing; it was in good shape, the price was right, and it came with tons of stuff we otherwise would’ve had to purchase separately on our own. On top of all that, it is sandwiched right between both our parents’ houses. We were also overwhelmed by the response and willingness from family and friends to help get the place ready for us to move in. All the painting, flooring (thanks Jeremy!), moving, and praying paid off in November when we spent our first night in our new home. After months of sleeping on an air-mattress (albeit a comfortable one) it was nice to be back in our own bed. The help we’ve received from family financially has brought me to my knees more than once, and I’ll never let Dominic forget that if it weren’t for Aunt Chrissie, his occasional bonks wouldn’t be padded by the best carpet money can buy.
     With so much to be thankful for, it’s easy to let proper thanks slip by, but all of your support for our growing family has not been ignored and will never be forgotten. The pillars of my faith are strengthened daily by the graces we’ve gained through your toils, tears and intercessions. May the spirit of the season remain with you always, and I pray that 2011 will bring you the same fortune, rejoicing, and humility that Dacia and I experienced so fully in 2010! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. That was a very excellent Christmas letter :)

  2. Great perspective Geoff! Thanks or sharing, Dacia. We love you guys!