Friday, January 14, 2011

7 Quick Take Fridays (Vol 4)

It has been a little while since I've posted. I would love to get in the habit of blogging more regularly, but it isn't always easy being a full time mom with a part-time job. In the mean time, my poor husband listens to my rants and at the end says "that sounds like a blog".  It would really save me a lot of trouble if he would just transcribe my rants for me.

Speaking of my wonderful man, Divine Providence has once again pulled through (thanks especially to St Joseph!) Geoffrey's job was moved, months ago, to Crystal Lake, a town 1 hr 15 min away.  This was devastating as we only have one car, he hates driving, and I work 30 mins in the other direction. So after one day they sent him back to the DeKalb branch (where we live) because they didn't have their act together. Finally this Tuesday he was supposed to go back but it then got postponed a couple days. Just when he was going to start the commute, the current News Editor resigned and Geoffrey was offered the job! So this means he gets to stay in the DeKalb branch! This is really good news, and I'm very proud of my husband and his promotion!

The past two nights when going to bed, Dominic, even though really tired spent a half hour being really goofy and laughing before he gave in and fell asleep.  He was giving me kisses and raspberries on my cheek and thought it was really funny, as did I. Geoffrey came in the room and declared that he is in fact his mother's son, because when I get really tired I am really silly and laugh at everything. I will cherish these times.

Dominic is really getting big! He can stand on his own for a while and is so close to walking.  It won't be long now, and then I will have to make sure I'm always wearing my running shoes.

Dominic wore his overalls today for the first time and I declare that it was ubercuteness. Complete with a flannel shirt, he was a true farm boy. At work our "fix it guy", also known as Jerry, even gave him a wooden hammer to put in his hammer belt. He fixed lots of stuff today, including my head which apparently need hammering. Come to think of it, I have been told I have a few loose screws before. I guess dad needs to have "the talk" with him, you know the difference b/w a hammer and a screw driver.

Our poor little guy has been teething something fierce and has been a little grumpy. When he is having a hard time falling asleep or calming down I start praying the Rosary and immediately he settles down. The monotonous rhythm of the Hail Marys is very soothing to him, which is something I can totally relate to. Those beautiful prayers have more than once been my peace.

Exciting news today out of the Vatican, Pope John Paul II will be Beatified on May 1st!! There have been many miracles tied to his intercession already, but the one approved is a French nun who was completely cured of Parkinson's Disease. This is a great day for the Church!


  1. Yay and well done to Geoff! We are so glad to hear about his job.
    Love you!

  2. Congrats to Geoff on his promotion!! Dominic is precious :) (as you already know :)