Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Unsent Letter Part II

My part of the Christmas letter.  Thanks again for reading!

This sure was a big year for our growing family. We celebrated the arrival of our precious little boy Dominic, and we bought our first very own house! Here are some of my reflections on the past year. May God bless you and your families throughout the coming year and always.

*Years of not feeding the dog, Payton, from the table can be quickly undone when a 9 month old realizes that the dog will eat his carrots.

*Experiencing stuff for the first time through the eyes of your child is truly a treat. Whether it is a new food, the first snow, or a beautiful song.

*Parents have always said that when a little kid gets a new toy, all they want to do is play with the box. Dominic is no exception. His favorite toys are generally the kitchen strainer, the buttons on the television, the Xbox controller, and anything that goes in Payton’s mouth. Yuck!

*Making up silly songs and singing them to your children is a serious disease in my family. It is finally confirmed, I do have this. Don’t worry, it probably isn’t contagious.

*When you buy a house, make sure to paint every inch of every wall and closet, and choose as many colors as possible to make things really difficult.

*The Office theme song makes for great dancing music, at least Dominic thinks so.

*Do as many St. Joseph novenas as you want, he will always come through. He has twice found us a house!

*Watching your beloved husband become an amazing father, is just about the coolest thing ever.

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