Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Four Years Ago Today

Four years ago today,
I slept in nice and late
I did a morning offering
I ate a big breakfast
I took a long shower
I ran around town trying to find some white flats
I went to the church
I got all dolled up
I even wore makeup
and got my hair done
I laughed with my sisters, mom, and best friend
I did ninja moves in the dress
I prayed
I posed
I hugged my dad
I walked down the aisle
I was given away to a wonderful man
I stood before the altar and the priest
I prayed some more
I listened to God's Word
I knelt
I looked loving and longingly into his eyes
I said "I Do" to God
and "I Do" to my bethrothed
I said yes God's blessings
I received Jesus in the most holy Eucharist
I was married.
Before God.
Before friends and family.
I vowed my love, my life, my actions, my thoughts and my words
to serve this man whom God has chosen for me.
To serve him however he needs me.
To help him get to Heaven.
To help him be a strong man of God.
To help him be a wonderful father.
To help him grow in virtues.

I am blessed.

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