Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here I go...

Well after years of wanting to start a blog, finally the time has arrived.  I'm not really sure what this will be, but I promise it will involve my music, a cute little baby boy, a wonderful husband, a little humor, and most of all, my faith. 

The name of my blog (Praying Twice) is derived from the famous St Augustine quote "He who sings prays twice." I love to sing! I do it all the time, in fact today whilst watching the Bears play (or attempting to play) my family and I turned the game into an Opera.  I assure you it was Tony worthy, well at least Youtube worthy. When I'm not singing Da Bears Opera, I sing old Church hymns or original songs that have flowed from the depths out of my Catholic heart. More than just loving to sing though. it is a prayer. It is a way God speaks to me and I to Him. And since the goal is to make my life a prayer, I guess I could say that my life is a song.  My life is full of joy and I hope to share a little of that with anyone who is willing to listen, err, read. Welcome to it.

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  1. very excited to follow your blogging adventure! in my reader already. love you!