Monday, October 3, 2011

Guardian Angel

Yesterday was the feast of the Guardian Angel.
Words cannot describe how loving God is to gives us our Heavenly Guardians.
They keep a constant vigil at our side, from conception until death.
Then if we go to Heaven, we get to meet our sweet Angel
and praise God with them for all eternity.
My Angel has done so much to protect and guide me.
I could never say thank you enough.
Stories for another day.
In the mean time, hear is an old Catholic prayer/hymn
that I put a new melody to.
Guardian Angel From Heaven So Bright
Watching beside me to lead me aright
Fold thy wings round me O guard me with love
Softly sing songs to me Of heav'n above


Beautiful angel My guardian so mild
Tenderly guide me For I am thy Child

Oh may I never forget thou art near
Keeping me ever in love and in fear
Waking and sleeping In labor and rest
In thy sweet keeping my life shall be blest

So long thy power hath blest me
Sure it still will lead me on
'Or more and fen, 'or craig and torrent till the night is gone
And in the morning those angels smile
which I have loved long since and lost awhile

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  1. Dacia, I love your song. This video was so sweet. I already wanted to meet you, but seeing you in this video makes me want to even more!