Saturday, October 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes: (!!!)

When Dominic woke up from his nap this afternoon, I heard the sweet sound of the marching band! I promptly grabbed Doc, threw a coat on (because let's face it, the days of no coat wearing just might be over for the year), put a leash on Payton, and ran outside. I put Doc in his stroller and hurried 2 blocks over to the high school new middle school. Just when I got there, I saw them all walking in. Doh!!

If you are wondering why I was so excited about the marching band, you must stay tuned for an upcoming post (upcoming sometime meaning in the next year) about how my wonderful husband and I met. Let just say *spoilers* that we met at marching band camp; but don't worry the post is about so much more!

What a cutie! Even though it is getting colder, he still wants to be outside all day. It is a good thing I invested in some tights a couple weeks ago, I have a feeling I will be needing them this fall/winter.

Have you ever noticed (those of you who frequent my little blog) that I am a bit obsessed with parentheses? I use them all.the.time. I just looked up the rules about my favorite little puctuation marks!! Except maybe exclamation points. I way over use them too (like all the time!) What can I say, I am often excited and want you to know it! I also have a lot to clarify. I know I don't aways use them the correct way, but I won't tell my husband (who has an English degree) if you don't. And if you, dear husband are reading this, well, sorry honey!!

Speaking of that wonderful husband of mine, look at this cute picture in which Geoff and "mini-Geoff" are making the same face. lol
I think when I took this picture I told Geoff "don't worry I won't put it on Facebook or anything". Is my blog anything? Woops. Sorry again honey! It was too sweet not to share.
A few more pics from our week:

Today I decided to take a trek back to my childhood (because let's face it, why wouldn't we want to relive the awesome fashion trends of the early '90's) and brought back the side piggytale. What do you think? Cute or weird? Honest opinions now, I don't want to look like a goofy child (says the girl who wore pig tales until college  last week.) Now I can't tell if I am using parentheses just to prove that I over use them or if I am using them as I would naturally. Blarg!

This week was a bit crazy. I was under a weird form of spiritual attack in which I couldn't fall asleep. I was so tired and would lay awake hour, after hour, after hour. After about 3 nights in a row it caught up with me and I was EXHAUSTED. Last night after bedtime prayers, my man sprinkled holy water all over our bedroom. I had a great night of sleep so this might need to be a regular part of our bedtime routine. Perhaps I should start bringing in gallons to be blessed. Here's hoping to a good night tonight! (Which I best get on with!) Night!

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  1. I use parentheses way too often as well! And exclamation points!!

    Can't wait for your tale of how you and Geoff met--even if I do know it already :)

    The pics are all super-cute. And I like the braid--it looks very farmer-girl (in a good way!) to me.

    Praying that your sleep gets better!

  2. My favorite is the comma, and I use it like it's going out of style. It's not until I go back and read things much later though that I realize I shouldn't have used it so much.
    I liked the ponytail. Actually, when we were in the car I thought it was a pigtail and it wasn't until we were inside that realized it was just one, not two, lol.

  3. I over-use exclamation marks and hyphens! LOVE the side braid - so cute on you! Hhmmm - I never thought of my sleeplessness as a possible spiritual attack - this give me something to pray and think about! THANKS!