Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes: IuseNFP and the Caracass Snatcher

**1** I am totally in love with the IUseNFP facebook page! Are you a fan yet? If not, you should be. The buttons. are. awesome. Especially this one.

And this one.

Oh and this one.

But not this one.

Because Michelle Duggar is in fact my idol.
**Update** My SIL reminded me that Michelle Duggar is NOT in fact my fashion idol. This is very true. When we are shopping I have many times said "I dunno this might be a little too Michelle Duggar." It is hard when I am shopping for long skirts.

**2** My husband just showed me this clip from Family Guy the other day.

Not a show either of us watch but this made me cry a lot. Ok I didn't really cry but the reality of it all was sad. It is kind of awesome they addressed this though. The sad part is I am sure a lot of people would rather have a fancy car, big house, horse, etc. over a house full of kids. Not me.

**3** I said to my husband at dinner tonight that I am going to be known as the carcass snatcher. He seemed to think that was a terrible idea because people would think I steal dead bodies. Human bodies. Let me just say for the record I have never stolen a human body. Okay now that that is clear, I have found myself asking at family functions (dinners not funerals), if I can have the bird carcass or beef bones to make homemade stock with. I got THREE turkeys this past Thanksgiving! I mean they are just gonna through them away and store bought stock cannot even come close to comparing to homemade stock. So delicious!

**4** Just because I am a little worried about the police knocking on my door, I do not steal dead bodies.

**5** As long as Dominic has been eating solids, we've given him a good, healthy, balanced diet. It is very important to me that he learns good food habits. Lately he has been not eating cooked veggies so much. What? I thought all two year olds LOVED cooked veggies! But Geoffrey started this awesome game while eating homemade soup (with delicious homemade stock) called "find this". He would say "Daddy found a carrot in his soup. Can Doc find a carrot?" He did, and ate it, and he loved this game! We tried it again the next day and it worked with all the veggies. WIN!

**6** For my birthday (April 3) my dear SIL gave me the ZUMBA Rush Fitness game for XBOX Kinect. I love it! I've been doing it at least 4 times a week and am feeling great to be working out and dancing! It is truly a fun workout. I am hoping it helps me shake some of these unwanted pounds off from the last pregnancy/misscarriage and hopefully before I get pregnant again. Anyway the other day I just finished working out and left the room really quick to do something. Dominic was dancing with me and knows how to perfect work the Kinect. So I come back into the room to find "confirm post to Facebook" on the screen. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL!!! Pffhew that was a close one. I'm not sure exactly what it would've posted, probably just the stats of my workout, but my fear is that it was going to post a video of me dancing. Now I love the Zumba game, but I am no dancer. I am quite terrible actually. Oh how embarrassing this would have been!

**7** I really hesitated to post my last post. I don't want to be negative or make people think I am super depressed. I'm not even a little depressed, just overcome sometimes with it all. But it was very nice to get some thoughts out. I feel bad though that I completely blew over the fact that it is Easter. HAPPY EASTER! We had a blessed Tridduum and Easter Sunday. I hope you did too.

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  1. You should make an amendment that Michelle Dugger is NOT your style idol as I know for fact that you've turned away certain dresses or skirts in fear that people would think you look like michelle duggar

    1. Yes! You indeed speak the truth. She is NOT my fashion idol. Thanks Robyn!

  2. 1) Thank you for sharing the buttons and the site! You are awesome!

    2) I think from a pro-life perspective that video is really sad but I'm glad they did it because it hits the nail on the head. Unfortunately I'm sure that most people just say it as reaffirming their choices. Maybe it planted a seed?