Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Due Date

Celebrating today the brief life of our Michael Gerard.
Today would have been his due date
and I am grateful.
Oh so grateful for him.
I can feel the graces from his prayers
washing over our family 
showering us with the love of Heaven.
And what sweet love it is.
I am grateful for his big sister, Ellen
who he prays with unceasingly.
I am grateful for big brother Dominic
who is such a joy.
Who teaches me about the love of God everyday.
I am grateful for the new life growing in my womb.
Precious, sweet, little.
Growing every day.
Mostly I am grateful for the love of a man
who created all these wonderful children with me.
I am blessed.
God is good.


  1. What a lovely post. While the pain never quite goes out of the loss, it is wonderful to feel strongly that your little one (or ones!) is/are praying for you in heaven - and to feel, tangibly, the grace that comes from those prayers. Happy to hear that you are expecting! We are, too - how far along are you? I'm finding it rather an anxious thing to be expecting again after miscarriage... but at the same time, like you, grateful for the little one growing inside.

  2. This is beautiful, Dacia. July 24 is my birthday, and I am honored to share that date with Michael Gerard. It is wonderful to hear that you are experiencing such grace. I am elated to learn that you are expecting again! You and your new little baby are in my daily prayers.

  3. Congrats Abby! I am so happy to hear that. We are 13 weeks, just heard the heartbeat again today (it had been 6 weeks and I was so nervous). Praise God! Yes it is scary to be pregnant after a miscarriage.

  4. Thank you so much Louise! Happy belated birthday. :)

  5. Dacia, This really touched my heart! We thank God every day that you came into our lives! Kathy

  6. Many congrats, Dacia :) You're about two weeks further along than I am - Lord willing, we'll both have February babies this next year?! :) We just heard the heartbeat today as well, after a bit of a scare (for me anyway) last week... we'd had a 6 week ultrasound that was fine, but when they tried to find the heartbeat with Doppler last week at my midwife appt, they couldn't find it. I guess that's pretty normal before 12 weeks but still had me pretty anxious. But today we went back in and she was able to find it just fine. Anyway, so glad for this news! Will be praying for you.