Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random Thoughts

*Last night we made homemade pizza. It was super easy since I cheated and used the bread machine to make the crust. I don't mind thin crust but I love me a nice thick one so I made enough for two pan pizzas. Only 55 mins in the bread machine and the dough was ready! Dominic helped me then roll it out (I threw one of them around a little, how could I not!) Dominic was also a big help spreading the sauce and sprinkling the cheese on them. Everything was going perfectly until Doc took a nice big hunk of the yummy fresh mozarella and threw it on the ground proclaiming "GET IT!" to our hovering dog. Yep we've created a monster. The pizza however was DELICIOUS.

*We don't feed Payton at the table, but we do give him our scraps afterwards, so Doc whenever he is done with something will throw it on the ground and yell "Get it!" to Payton. Oh boy.

*Speaking of which, what do people with kids who don't have dogs do? Seriously. Do you people clean up after yourselves??? I shudder at the thought.

*The other day it snowed. I know people hate me for this but, I love it. Even though it was just a dusting, it was the funnest thing ever because it was Dominic's first time really seeing snow (he didn't really pay much attention last year.) He was so excited. We went to bring Payton outside and then it really started coming down and Doc and Payton were both running around going crazy. Pure joy.

I didn't teach him to stick out his tongue to catch the snow, that part my friends is pure, raw, instinct.

*I went to "tupperware" party this morning (I use quotes cause it was really laid back, food, fun, fellowship); it was wonderful! I spent the day with some amazing like-minded Catholic women. It is so nice to have faithful ladies to talk with. Food for the mommy soul.

*At this party we exchanged Busy Bags. Best. Idea. Ever. There were eleven of us who participated so we each came up with an ziploc bag contained activity (for 1-2 yr olds) and made eleven of them. Then we swapped! So I have 11 easy and fun activities to keep my very active won't sit still for nothing boy. We've already broken out a few of them! My next post with be a little more in depth about this and I'll share all the wonderful activities people made.

*Have a great rest of the weekend!

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