Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Snow" It Down

People look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them how excited I am
that we finally got a decent snow storm! 

I know it can be a pain, makes driving dangerous
and it is no fun to remove,
but it is so beautiful-
the way it falls, the way it glistens.
Oh! And what potential for fun!

And after spending time outside building snow forts, sledding, and making snow angels, you get to come inside to a nice warm house
and some yummy hot chocolate. 
What's not to like about that?

But what I love most about snow,
is that is reminds us that we are not in control.
It forces us to slow things down
and take some time out of our busy schedules
to actually just stay inside and cuddle with our spouses, kids, and pets.

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